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Welcome to AHT Label's Horticultural Printing Systems

If you need to print a logo, company name, common and botonical plant names, plant care information, prices, barcodes, or do compliance labeling, AHT can recommend thermal transfer printers and laser printers so you can print your own tags and labels on demand. We offer blank stock of thermal tags, printer ribbons, laser tags, pressure sensitive labels, and POP signs that work with the printer that you select. Simply select the product heading on the above toolbar for the tag or labeling solution that you wish to review.
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The Toshiba Thermal Transfer Printer has been modified to print outdoor waterproof horticultural nursery tags, pot tags, pressure sensitive labels, and signs. The printer's 5" print head and modified chassis are capable of accepting media up to 9" in width. The "wide open design" allows the operator to easily load media with fully adjustable tag and label guides. The clam shell print head design lets the operator keep the print head clean. You can print high quality text, barcodes, graphics and logos with the 300 dpi print head. The printer has near edge technology and a full floating print head which allows the printing of .10 mil pressure sensitive labels to thicker pot tag media up to .24 mil. Standard features include a USB port, Parallel Port, Serial Port, Ribbon Saver and a two year parts and labor warranty excluding the print head.
Printer accessories include Labelview Pro or Nice Label Pro label printing software, printer ribbons, protective printer cover, Labelmate MC-11 Label rewinder, print heads, and label applicators.
The Lexmark Color Laser Printers and the Konica Minolta Magicolor Laser Printers are recommended to work with our color laser tags, labels, and signs.

Helpful Hints

Print quality is determined by the room temperature and temperature of the tags and labels. When printing, adjust the heat and speed settings in software to get the best print registration.

Clean the print head on the near front edge with isopropyl alcohol 90% proof and a Q-tip slab every 1000 tags printed to maximize the life of the print head. When printing tags and labels, clean the print head at the end of each roll or when straight lines appear on media where there is no print. Always turn the printer off when the cleaning print head.

Ribbon wrinkle can be caused by incorrect print head installation. Try adjusting print head so the print is the same registration across the tag.

Out of paper or paper jam error messages tell you that the sensor adjustment needs to be corrected. See picture for proper placement. Each printer sensor has its own sweet spot. Keep adjusting until you find the correct spot for your printer and tag. Make sure your tags are going straight through the printer. Media not going straight through the printer can cause these errors.

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