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Welcome to AHT Label's Horticultural Sign and Signholder Products

AHT provides Point of Purchase signs that can be printed on demand using thermal or laser printers. Stock color inventory signs and custom color signs are available in all sizes and substrates. Signholders are available in several sizes made from galvanized steel, powder coated painted galvanized steel, injected molded plastic, and wire ladders with corrugated plastic faces.
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AHT POP Signs are designed to hang from carts, bench displays, or can be placed on sales stands. We offer full 4 color Corplast signs in any shape or size. Grommets can be placed in corners or located where you expect to attach the sign. You can provide the artwork or our design service, Kraut Graphics is available to assist you.
If you want to create your own POP signs, you can print thermal signs, laser signs, or hand write utility signs. AHT has rolled sign stock sizes 4" x 5", 5" x 7", and 7" x 11" that can be printed on your thermal printer. Thermal signs are also available with red, green, blue, and yellow borders. Thermal signs can be preprinted with your name, logo, and plant descriptions. You may wish to print your own color laser signs choosing one of our standard sizes of 7" x 10" that contains 2 (5" x 7") signs, 7" x 11", 8" x 10", and 8.5" x 11". Utility signs are available in 4" x 5", 5" x 4", 5" x 7", 7" x 5", 8" x 10", 10" x 8", and 7" x 11" in blank, Tree and Shrub classified, Special, Sale, or preprinted with information about your business. Utility signs come in .15 mil Vinyl or .30 mil Styrene. AHT has black horticultural marking pens, China Markers, and Posterman Pens to hand write on your utility signs.
Galvanized and Powder Coated Steel Signholders and Bases come with many faces and leg sizes. Optional powder coated colors are available in red, blue, green, black, white and brown. Signs ship in case quantities of 25. The signs are made in the USA from durable galvanized steel and riveted construction that should keep the signholders usable for years. Closed top on face.
Item #Face SizeLeg Length
45184" wide x 5" tall18"
45304" wide x 5" tall30"
45364" wide x 5" tall36"
54185" wide x 4" tall18"
54305" wide x 4" tall30"
54365" wide x 4" tall36"
75187" wide x 5" tall18"
75307" wide x 5" tall30"
75367" wide x 5" tall36"
57185" wide x 7" tall18"
57305" wide x 7" tall30"
57365" wide x 7" tall36"
1171811" wide x 7" tall18"
1173011" wide x 7" tall30"
1173611" wide x 7" tall36"
711187" wide x 11"tall18"
711307" wide x 11"tall30"
711367" wide x 11"tall36"
10" x 10" Galvanized Steel Bases are available in 2 lb. or 3 lb. weight.
Special purpose signholders, poster holders, table top signholders, bedding plant signholders, and custom made signholders are available. If you have a special requirement, call AHT to find the solution.
Injected molded T-stakes are available in the following sizes:
8" x 5" face with 20" stem, 2.5" x 4" face with 10" stem, and 1.5" x 2" face with 5.25" stem
Angled injected molded T-stakes are available in the following sizes:
4" x 6.5" face with 21" stem, 3" x 5" face with 8" stem, 5" x 3.5" face with 17" stem, and 2" x 3" face with 6" stem.
Blackboard angled T-stakes can be reused when written on with chalk or Posterman Pen.
Note: Colors of white, yellow, or black are available in some of the following sizes:
4" x 6" with 21" stem and 3" x 5" with 17" stem
Nursery Marker Stakes can help your growing business. Ideal for wholesale and retail nurseries, growers, and garden centers that need to economically mark your plants and products. Rugged 9 gauge galvanized 2" steel step stakes are available in 8", 16", 24", 32", and 48" lengths. Optional step stakes sizes of 6" wide x 30" high and 10" wide x 30" high are available for larger size cards. Cards of 4mm corrugated polypropylene come in a choice of colors; white, yellow, blue, green, brown, orange, pink, and red fit onto the stakes. Card sizes are available in the following sizes:
2.5" wide x 6" tall, 6" wide x 2.5" tall in white, 7" wide x 5.5" tall, 3" wide x 10" tall in white, 9" wide x 12" tall white, 12" wide x 9" tall in white, 18" wide x 24" tall in white, and 24" wide x 18" tall.
Other POP products to consider are Trunk Mats and Shopping Bags. Trunk Mats are available as stock with tree or flower design or personalized with your name, address, phone and logo information printed on the tree or flower design or custom with your own design. The standard tree or flower mats measure 30" x 50" and come 300 per roll. Bags are available as stock with tree or flower design or personalized with your name, address, phone and logo information printed on the back of tree or flower design or custom with your own design. The standard tree or flower bag measure 16" x 19" with 4" bottom gusset and are packed 1000 to a box.

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