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Welcome to AHT Label's Agricultural and Horticultural Tag and Labeling Products

Our tag and labeling solutions are designed to merchandise agricultural and horticultural products. If you need to put a label on a jar of jam or print plant information, prices, barcodes, or do compliance labeling, we can recommend printing solutions so you can do your own printing or we can do it for you. AHT offers thermal tags, laser tags, dot matrix tags, utility tags, pressure sensitive labels, printing systems, preprinted tags, stock color tags, custom color tags and labels, POP signs and signholders as well as design services that will help you promote your marketing efforts. Simply select the product heading on the above toolbar for the tag or labeling solutions that you wish to review. Please take note our helpful hints.
AHT provides the tags, labels, and services which market and promote the sale of green industry plants and products. Our customers are family owned greenhouse growers, nurserymen, garden centers, and farm operations who need identification and marketing materials for annuals, perennials, produce, shrubs, and trees. Our staff has helped the green industry tag and label billions of plants and produce over the years. Please make yourself at home on our website and see how our products can work for you.

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